I am not a CEO. I am a worker. I will do any work to accomplish my chief goal that is quality. For me, status or designation is not important. My passion leads me daily. Once you find out what your interest is, do everything possible and turn it into your passion.

Instead of short term gains; plan for sustainability in market sphere by uncompromising consistency in quality, is my success formula to become a triumphant entrepreneur. A motivated and committed team of talented staff is always there for me to bank on, and I always keep myself updated on technical advancements.

Spinner group is synonymous for quality from the company’s inception day. Unlike others, I stick closely with our manufacturing process personally to assure quality in all areas. We, Spinner group of companies stand for timely delivery with uncompromising value standards with highest customer satisfaction. I urge everyone to keep a keen eye on environmental protection and thus a clean and healthy working environment. The tidy atmosphere in our workplace not only contributes towards safe operation and healthy environment, but also ensures minimal wastage and lower production cost which chiefly contributes towards our best in industry price-to-quality ratio.

I encourage latest technology in employing latest machinery and manufacturing procedures, both conventional and innovative business solutions and services, quality health and environment protection to name a few.

Lijo George

Executive Director

Jaison P.J

Executive Director