This comprehensive area of operation has been sub classified and divided into three as below :

  1. Mist Irrigation
    We are the market leaders in mist irrigation technology. This kind of irrigation can be varied in use from agriculture, gardening, different kinds of farms to crop protection, regulating ambient temperature etc.  Mist Sprayers are designed to deliver a fine mist to any plant-life, patio or landscaping your need. They can be mounted to a variety of stakes or mounted onto the mainline tube itself. A variety of different flow rates are available as well as different misting patterns. This aesthetic irrigation method can save precious water, by keeping the  water-wastage to a bare minimum.
  2. Tap Irrigation
    This is a fine tuned solution for the drip irrigation system as this method can avoid the unwanted fungal/slurry deposits and related issued generally faced with drip irrigation systems. The need of sandmesh filter is ruled off and this is almost maintenance free and easy in operation. This is most suitable for very large area of cultivation and it is very inexpensive both to install and operate.
  3. Sprinkler System
    Our Sprinkler system is once used with Spinner HDPE Pipes, can be extremely convenient and useful because of HDPE’s inherent property to follow the contour of the top soil, it’s ability to conserve water, fertilizer application for enhanced yield, portable, light and easy to drill hole on pipe –wall for a saddle tee. Sprinkler system is widely used and we have a dedicated team to help implementation and development.  Big stadium grounds, agriculture farms etc. are using fixed / pop-up type sprinkers.