Wormi Composting

Worm tube composting (Wormi composting) using PVC ducts is the need of the hour solution for waste disposal problems that we face everyday. A Worm Tower is basically a length of pipe buried halfway in the ground with holes drilled in the buried part for worms to get in and out. Food scraps are added directly to the tower instead of into your composting bin, and are eaten by worms already living in the target part of your yard. You can add Worm Towers to your full blown vermiculture / vermicomposting regime or just use them by themselves, particularly in raised beds. Several steps and lots of time can be eliminated for some of your composting by simply delivering food waste directly to the worms, directly on to the garden.

Generally used PVC pipes for this purpose is 200mm dia X 1.3 Mtr inlength. PVC caps or plastic pot with some screen to keep out the flies is used along. Use only easily break down materials as compost i.e no twigs, eggshells, etc, and it is recommends an occasional deep watering which should wash away the goo and deep water your plants.